Local Korean language newspapers interview newest Board member

Han - Curry - Morris

Didi Hirsch continues to be the "go to" source for mental health information in the media.  Recent public concern over suicides, as well as high profile tragedies in our community has prompted an increase in interviews with Didi Hirsch team members.  Our newest Board member, Dr. Thomas Han, made a visit to the Suicide Prevention Center and was interviewed by 2 Los Angeles Korean language newspapers.  The Korea Daily and The Korea Times sent reporters to tour the prevention center and learn more about how Didi Hirsch is supporting those in need with our Crisis Line and Survivors After Suicide programs.  With Lyn  Morris,  Dr. Kita S. Curry and Dr. Han, the reporters gained insight into the programs Didi Hirsch offers and how Didi Hirsch is committed to reaching out to our Korean community.