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Dear Abby and Dr. Kita Curry interviewed on CBS

Dear Abby and Dr. Kita Curry interviewed on CBS


On Thursday May 13, Dr Kita Curry was interviewed by KCBS Edward Lawrence reporter in regards to a story about a man in crisis that contacted DEAR ABBY. Didi Hirsch's Crisis Line phone number (877 - 7 crisis) was also mentioned and web linked on the CBS site to help those facing similar challenges. 

Dr. Edwin S. Shneidman passes at 91 - IN MEMORIAM by Dr. Kita Curry

Dr. Edwin S. Shneidman by Dr. Kita Curry


Renowned pioneer in the field of suicidology and co-founder of our Suicide Prevention Center, Dr. Edwin S. Shneidman died at home on May 15th.

Dr. Kita S. Curry receives Evis Coda Award for Building Hope For Families

Dr. Kita S. Curry receives Evis Coda Award

President and CEO receives award from the Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic to honor her for her outstanding contribution in the field of children's mental health.  The Awards ceremony featured a luncheon– guests were treated to a raffle.  

Congratulations Dr. Curry!


Time.com covers increased need for suicide prevention

Time.com covers need for suicide prevention

Feb 9, 2009

Time.com writer Ken Stier quotes Didi Hirsch President/CEO Dr. Kita Curry discussing the recent surge in calls to the Suicide Crisis line in the February 9 edition of the online magazine. Read about it here. A  PDF printout is available here.


Didi Hirsch experts give testimony on mental health consequences of financial crisis

Didi Hirsch experts testify on mental health and financial crisis


With the recent financial downturn, several news organziations have turned to Didi Hirsch experts to comment on the trends, and for clues on how to recognize suicidal behavior.


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