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Didi Hirsch supports AB2198

Didi Hirsch supports AB2198, which requires suicide prevention training for mental health professionals.

AB2198 requires:

  • 15 hours of suicide prevention training for those studying to become psychologists, social workers or marriage and family therapists;
  • a one-time 6-hour course for those who are already licensed.


Innovative Interventions

Our medical director, Dr. Curley Bonds, recently hosted a talk entitled "Innovative Interventions: Psychiatry in the 21st Century"

Highlights included new technology and new practices being used in the field of mental health.

You can view the talk in its entirety by clicking here.

Didi Hirsch's Annie Ortega on Local Program

Didi Hirsch Program Coordinator Annie Ortega was a guest on the program "The Question Is?" hosted by Anthony Portantino on Sunday, June 15th. The discussion was focused on the challenges that teens and families face.

A New Champion for Our New Wellness Center

Didi Hirsch has just been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation of the Verdugos – Mental Health Fund to partially furnish and equip our new Wellness Center at Glendale Center.  Scheduled for completion in November 2014, the Wellness Center will help low-income and homeless residents affected by mental illness achieve better health, employment, and housing for successful independent living.

Analysis debunks theory about suicide rates during the holidays

Local data also appears to support the same conclusions.

“If you only look at November and December, it doesn’t appear we have a higher rate of suicides than any other time of the year,” said Sandy Fatland, spokeswoman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office.

Robert Stohr, division director for Didi Hirsch, an area non-profit carrying one of the largest and oldest suicide crisis hotlines in the United States, said call volumes typically fall during the holiday months.

Via Avanta's new Family Wing opens

On Friday November 22nd, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services dedicated “Project 60 Women & Children,” Los Angeles County’s first rapid re-housing program devoted exclusively to homeless women with serious mental illness and their children.

Didi Hirsch on CNN Latino

Division Director of Child and Family Outpatient Programs Adriana Garcia was on CNN Latino discussing the reality of what people go through with negligence and child abuse by family members, and the issue of people who are afraid of reporting it because they don't speak English. Click to watch.


Wellness Center Tours The Village Studios

Didi Hirsch Wellness Center clients and staff had the privilege of visiting a music industry landmark, the legendary Village Studios on Saturday, August 3rd. The Village is owned by Jeff Greenberg, a recent honoree at Didi Hirsch's Erasing the Stigma Leadership Awards.

Dr. Kita Curry and Jennie Wyatt Coste on Free Your Mind, KABC 790 AM

Didi Hirsch CEO Dr. Kita Curry and Jennie Wyatt Coste speak about the importance of the growth of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services to serve more people, and the impact of Via Avanta in Pacoima.


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