Emergency Services

Short-term Crisis Counseling and Crisis Intervention

We provide immediate short-term counseling for individuals and families experiencing a crisis following a life-changing event, such as the death of a loved one, loss of a job, assault, or life-threatening illness. We also provide short-term counseling for those overcome with thoughts, feelings, or habits that were once manageable and now seem out of control. These thoughts or feelings can range from excessive worry, to phobias, to an inability to cope with a loss. 

24-hour Suicide Prevention Crisis Line
We operate Los Angeles County’s only 24-hour suicide prevention crisis line, for people of all ages at risk of suicide.  Our crisis line is also a resource for callers who are worried that someone they know may be suicidal, as well as for law enforcement agencies, who receive crisis response training from our suicide prevention experts.

Suicide Prevention Outreach and Education
Staff and volunteers provide suicide education, awareness, and prevention in Los Angeles County through presentations to schools, churches, community groups, businesses, and law enforcement agencies, as well as to hospitals, counseling centers, and other clinical environments. We also teach those already working in these settings how to train their staff about the warning signs of suicide and how to respond if someone needs help.

Survivors After Suicide Program
This program offers support for people who have lost a loved one to suicide, including 8-week groups, monthly drop-in groups, and telephone counseling.  In addition, the program’s Suicide Response Team works closely with the Crisis Response Team of the Los Angeles City Mayor’s Office to offer immediate crisis counseling at the scene of a suicide.  These trained members comfort families and connect them to community resources that will help them when loneliness and despair seem overwhelming.